Solidarity Cooperative

approachable professional services for a
flourishing social solidarity economy

Populus provides accessible accounting, administrative and financial planning services to its members to help support and create resilient non-profits, coops and social enterprises. Populus is a solidarity cooperative, owned and run by its members in the Montreal anglophone social economy. We make custom business services more accessible through solidarity:

Our Services


Populus will keep your books up to date and provide regular, easy to understand reports for your team to be able to use.


We can take care of payroll, accounts payable and receivable, declarations as well as audit preparation. We can also help train your team in best practices and current legislation.

Consulting & Training
financial analytics & budgeting,
compliance advising,
financial literacy training
& best practices

In development: Fundraising & HR Services

Membership &

User-members get a team of focused, professional and technical experts that know their custom needs as a coop or non-profit.

Members own the business:

  • Participate and vote in general assemblies
  • Co-create our strategic direction
  • Determine how success and profits are shared
Who we work with: User members

Solidarity Economy Incubation for Zero Emissions

Concordia Food Coalition


Community University Televsion


The Breach

Journalism for transformation

The Hive

Solidarity Cooperative

Auxiliary Members:

  • Chasseurs Courrier Coop
  • Coop Bar Milton-Parc
  • Brique par Brique
  • Cultivaction Solidarity Coop
  • Reggie's Solidarity Coop

How to join Populus

Presentation of services & membership details

Discovery meeting with your financial lead

Customized service offer and member terms

Sign agreement and set up invoicing

Onboarding and away we go!

Get in touch with us!

Top-quality business, consulting & training services for users

Stable, meaningful & rewarding employment for workers

Seeking Consultants

Populus is searching for consultants to join our network of experts. We are looking for
professionals with demonstrable experience in the nonprofit and cooperative sectors with
a strong background in any of the following areas:

  • Financial Planning/Analysis
  • Participatory Budgeting
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting
  • Human Systems/HR Procedures
  • Business Development
  • Tax Law and Governmental Compliance
  • Cooperative Financial Compliance
  • Grant Writing and Fundraising

Dashboard Developer Applications

For any questions, email [email protected]

We're building a digital dashboard tool for Populus User Members. It will act as a resource database as well as a platform of various tools to help our user members with their financial compliance, adminstrative and HR needs. The tool will be used both by user members as well as Populus worker members to disseminate best practices, resources, and tools. 


The scope of this work is for January 2024 - May 2024. This will be a small team working together to bring this digital platform online, we hope you will consider applying to join us!


All position currently open! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until the positions are filled. 


UI/UX Developer

10 - 15 h/week  

Experience that is considered an asset:

  • Wireframing & user flows
  • HTML, JS, CSS skills
  • Tracking user engagement
  • Gamification of user interaction

Full Stack Developer

10 - 15 h/week 

Experience that is considered an asset:

  • User authentication and information security
  • Customizing CMS (tentatively Drupal)
  • Familiarity with containerization software (tentatively Docker)
  • Familiarity with implementing web-based file management system

Total project labour budget: $13 000
Estimated labour needs: 175 - 200 hours (or 10-15/week per portfolio)

We understand freelance professionals have the right to set their own service rates. We believe in transparency and equity across our team and network of experts.  We expect to negotiate hourly rates for this project between $40 to $90 per hour, based on expertise and professional credentials.